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Aleksandar Bogdanović


Aleksandar Bogdanović was appointed President of the Executive Board of Mobi Banka in March 2023. Previously, in the role of Chief Commercial Director, he managed many segments of the Bank with excellent results, including sales, product development, marketing and asset management. At the same time, Aleksandar headed the team that defined Mobi Banka Strategy for the period from 2023 to 2027. His expertise in the field of strategic planning and management was crucial for the development of the company and the achievement of stable profitability in 2022. He is dedicated to modernizing the Bank's services with the aim of further improving customer experience and increasing the number of clients.

Aleksandar has many years of experience in leading positions in international companies, and exceptional expertise in the field of strategy and business development. He has been a part of Mobi Banka since 2020.

He graduated from CDI College in Canada in the field of information technology, and received his master's degree in business administration from Cardiff University, London School of Commerce.

Aleksandar is married and the father of five children. He likes chess and skiing.