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David Veselinović


As the founder and CEO of the regulated cryptocurrency exchange in Serbia,, David is a pioneer in the cryptocurrency field within the region, charting the course for regulated operations in this high-risk vertical. His mission, alongside his team of experts, is to elevate the world of cryptocurrencies by fostering inclusivity, transparency, and security both within Serbia and internationally.

David's decade-long expertise in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures has earned him recognition from leading figures in the field. The initial concept of Crypto12, coupled with months of relentless work by him and his professional team, and the eventual success in meeting the rigorous and detailed licensing requirements set forth by Serbia's most crucial regulatory bodies—the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) and the Securities Commission—have rounded out his extensive experience.

With a substantial background in iGaming, David has firsthand experience of the industry's evolution and has leveraged the growing shift and positive outlook towards Web3 technology. His knowledge, especially in the dynamic and high-risk iGaming sector, has made him a valued advisory authority in business models where anti-money laundering measures are crucial.

David's unwavering commitment to regulatory adherence marks his significant influence in the digital sphere, which he will discuss as part of a panel at the upcoming conference. In addition, he aims to illuminate the practical benefits and significance of cryptocurrency, clarifying its role and worth in today's digital economic landscape.