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Filomena Pljakovska Asprovska


Filomena Pljakovska Asprovska, CEO and President of the Management Board at CaSys, with over two decades of experience in the financial services and information technology sectors, Filomena's insights into the dynamics of the payment ecosystem are invaluable. Her role in establishing CaSys as a cornerstone of e-commerce innovation in North Macedonia showcases her foresight and dedication to embracing future technologies.

Her vast educational background on the Electro-technical Faculty in the field of Electronics and telecommunication and post-graduate studies in the field of Management, executive programs at Schulich School of Business, York University Toronto CA and Kellog School of Management USA, the never-stopping thirst for knowledge, and profound understanding of business development further empowers her to lead with wisdom and courage.

Under Filomena's innovative leadership, CaSys has emerged not just as a key player in the payments sector in North Macedonia and WB^ Region, but also as a role model for promoting gender equality in the workplace. Her dedication to building a society where opportunity knows no gender has inspired many and laid the groundwork for future leaders.

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She is a member of the National Council for Payment Systems at the NBRSM and the commission for encouraging non-cash payments with active participation and maximum support in the initiatives for encouraging and improving the use of electronic payment channels and Advisory Board Member of Gender Equality Alliance of North Macedonia.

The trajectory of CaSys under her leadership has been nothing short of remarkable, continuously establishing benchmarks in innovation and inclusion. Throughout her whole career she has firmly and successfully traced the path for growth and development of new technologies in the digital industry both in the region and her country.