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Luka Uskoković


Luka Uskoković, PhD in Economics, was born in Podgorica, Montenegro. He is an expert in finance, project management, digitalization, and modernization of payment systems, sales, and marketing, with over 16 years of managerial experience in banking and finance in Montenegro.

After working at CKB Bank (OTP Group) until 2021, he continued his professional engagement at NLB Bank Podgorica (NLB Group) as the project manager for the integration of NLB and Komercijalna Banka, and later as a member of the project team for the merger of NLB dd and N Bank in Ljubljana.

Since 2022, he has been an Advisor to the Bank's Board of Directors and Director for Payments, Fintech, and Cash Management, responsible for the modernization and improvement of the payment system and the application of financial technologies in the payment and cash management domain. He is the author of the book "Destination Brand Management" and several scientific articles, and he is an associate professor at the Faculty of Management in Herceg Novi.