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Marko Matanović


Marko Matanovic is entrepreneur whose career encompasses a breadth of experiences in finance, healthcare, and sales. Graduating from esteemed institutions such as Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, WU Vienna, and HEC Paris, Marko established a solid foundation in economics and business management.

Driven by a passion for innovation and emerging technologies, Marko ventured into the world of cryptocurrency. He obtained certificates at several crypto-based courses: LSE London, Nicosia University, Metropolitan University. He currently works at ECD, the pioneering crypto exchange in Serbia, where he assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer and became a significant shareholder. Under his leadership, ECD flourished, expanding its services to include ATM network provision and the development of a user-friendly Wallet app, thus playing a pivotal role in shaping the local crypto landscape.

Marko's entrepreneurial journey didn't stop there. Recognizing the growing need for specialized support services within the crypto industry, he is Founder and former Director at Sidechain, a strategic outsourcing hub for customer and technical support. Through Sidechain, Marko provided essential services to numerous crypto businesses, further solidifying his reputation as an innovative leader in the field.

Before his foray into the crypto world, Marko made notable contributions to the healthcare sector. He founded and directed the Lohmann & Rauscher representative office in Belgrade, demonstrating his aptitude for business development and strategic management. Additionally, Marko's sales acumen shone during his tenure as a Sales Representative at Johnson & Johnson's MDD office in Belgrade, where he played a key role in medical device distribution.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Marko's interests and achievements are diverse. A former Squash instructor and coach, he holds several state champion titles in the sport. Moreover, Marko's commitment to community service is evident through his involvement in mountain rescue squads, reflecting his dedication to physical fitness and aiding others in need.