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Miloš Matić


Miloš Matić is currently serving as the Founding and Managing Partner of Omorika Ventures, a prominent venture capital firm from Serbia. Omorika is a seed stage fund currently raising capital and should be operational by mid 2024.

Before his role at Omorika Ventures, he was a partner at ICT Hub Venture, the first private business angel group in Serbia founded in 2017. With a keen eye for investing, Miloš has acted as an angel investor in 11 companies, strategically choosing opportunities that demonstrate great potential. Additionally, he is an accomplished entrepreneur, having founded his own successful IT company called Forga. Under his leadership, Forga has experienced remarkable growth, generating a substantial revenue of 1.5 million EUR. This impressive track record positions Miloš as a highly respected figure in the entrepreneurial and investment communities.