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Miloš Polovina


Miloš Polovina, CEO at TransferNova, has carved a remarkable path in the banking and financial sector over the last 20 years. Starting his journey at Raiffeisen Bank and moving through significant roles at UniCredit Bank, Telenor/Mobi Bank, and Led Pay, Miloš has demonstrated profound expertise in Product Development, CRM, and digital banking innovations.

Miloš's leadership roles have spanned from product development to heading CRM and alternative sales channels, giving him a robust understanding of the banking industry's evolving dynamics. His experience is particularly valuable in steering discussions on how fintech is reshaping the world of e-commerce. His previous engagements as the chairman of the Digital Banking Committee of the Serbian Banking Association and leading the e-Payments Working Group within the NALED e-Government Alliance underscore his commitment to advancing the digital banking landscape.