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Nikola Škorić

Founder & Director, Electrocoin


Nikola Škorić is the founder and director of Electrocoin, “Bitcoin mjenjačnica” (a Croatian cryptocurrency exchange) and PayCek, the crypto payment processor. He graduated in computer science from the FER (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb) and holds the nuclear reactor operator licence. After 7 years of experience in the nuclear energy industry, in 2014 he founded Electrocoin with the aim of enabling simple, legal and professional bitcoin trading in Croatia.

With its “Bitcoin mjenjačnica” crypto exchange, Electrocoin has become the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Croatia and has expanded its business throughout the European Union. In addition to trading in virtual currencies, it also enables merchants to receive payment in cryptocurrencies and have Croatian kuna paid to their bank account through the PayCek system. Electrocoin d.o.o. has many strategic partners that make their service available in all parts of Croatia, so their exchange services are available in 55 Croatian Post branch offices and 78 physical exchange offices, while cryptocurrency payments are available at several hundred payment points, including Konzum supermarkets, Tifon gas stations and the largest Croatian webshop,