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Robert Ilijaš

CEO & Founder, Identyum


Robert has been in IT managerial positions in financial industry for more than 18 years. For the first 11 years, he climbed the corporate ladder in mainstream banking, in the final step being an executive director of a mainstream bank’s IT division for 5 years. At some point, he decided to switch teams and joined the fintech space – so he spent the next 5 years as a CTO of a successful Swedish fintech KYC startup with global operations.

After successfully playing for both the defending mainstream banking team and the attacking fintech team, during late 2018., he decided to create a neutral infrastructural super-national service that both banking and fintech teams need. Even more so, the envisioned service that is needed by every company going digital, either within or outside of financial industry. This was the start of Identyum – identity platform for simple and frictionless digital onboarding, legally valid document signing and financial data extraction, based on Identyum ID Wallet.