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Srđan Pavlović


Srđan Pavlović is the founder and COO of Finture, a Swedish-based investment gateway specializing in financing European startups and growth companies contributing to the energy transition. Finture leverages an investment platform developed by ZWEBB Fintech with its network of impact-driven investors to drive positive change in energy investments.

He’s a committed investor in several unlisted companies with extensive experience in corporate governance, investing, engineering and project management, all of which has directed him to make use of his skills and knowledge in the field of energy technology.

Before founding Finture, Srđan’s career spanned credit risk modeling and digital transformation in one of Sweden’s largest banks, as well as structural analysis and aerodynamics in the automotive and aerospace and defense industries.

His belief is that everyone is an end user of energy and that supporting the development of resilient energy grids in Europe is imperative for the future.