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Zoran Marinković


Zoran Marinković is the CEO and Founder of ZWEBB Fintech, a leading company specializing in the development of cloud-based platforms tailored primarily for factoring, SME financing, crowdlending, and investing. Starting off as a small consulting agency, ZWEBB Fintech soon became one of the most prominent financial software providers in Scandinavia.

During his long-standing business career, Zoran has worked for a state-owned television channel in Serbia (RTS), Karolinska Hospital in Sweden, European Hematology Association (EHA) in the Netherlands, and more. All these experiences have helped him acquire and strengthen his entrepreneurial skills and path his own way to success.

Together with his team, Zoran overcomes the most common challenges in the FinTech industry by offering
all-encompassing platforms within financial services that open up a whole new dimension for seamless operations.

Between his career goals and family life, Zoran spends his free time creating music, playing tennis, and riding a bike.