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Meet Finticipate Host for 2024.

Igor Zlatojev has extensive fintech experience

We are more than excited to introduce you this year’s host at Finticipate Igor Zlatojev, a dynamic force in the world of business development and fintech

Igor is currently serving as the Business Development Manager with the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) where he plays a pivotal role in fostering the exchange of goods, ideas, knowledge, and technology between Poland and Serbia. Prior to his tenure at PAIH, Igor was part of a R&D team at a Lithuania-based fintech company, where he delved into emerging financial trends, tokenization, payment innovations, evolving demographics, ESG, legacy and digital banking, and B2B integrations

With a robust background in independent consultancy, Igor has provided invaluable insights on due diligence, risk exposure, and market specificities for companies looking to enter the SEE and CEE markets