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Creating an Efficient Fintech Market

A regulators’ point of view

Prominent moderator, Vesna Lapčić, will explore the trends shaping the regional fintech landscape alongside brilliant speakers – Natasa Raicevic in front of Centralna banka Crne Gore and Igor Velickovski from the National Bank of The Republic of North Macedonia

🌟 Vesna, with 17 years in journalism and communication, is the founder and editor-in-chief of She co-founded the BeRiskProtected platform and has been the editor-in-chief of World of Insurance magazine since 2012. Vesna has contributed to numerous renowned economic magazines and is a seasoned organizer of thematic conferences.

🌟 Igor is the Manager of the Payment Systems Department at the National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia. With over 20 years at the bank, he specializes in the regulatory and operational roles of payment systems. Igor holds a doctorate in Economics.

🌟 Natasa heads the Division for Regulation, Licensing, Approval, and Measures at the Central Bank of Montenegro. She focuses on payment services regulation and licensing for payment and e-money institutions. Natasa is an active member of the working group for Montenegro’s SEPA Application and is involved in various activities within the CBCG payments area. Natasa holds a law degree and a Master’s in Business Management.

Join us today and don’t miss out on this insightful panel discussion!