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FireSide Chat 2 will bring together region’s best experts

What happens when e-commerce meets fintech?

Join us at Finticipate Forum for our captivating Fireside Chat #2: “When E-commerce met Fintech”. We are happy to introduce three prominent speakers

Ognjen Vlačina, Global Purchaser for Financial services & payments at Ingka Group, specializes in disrupting traditional payment methods and enhancing customer experiences across Southeast Europe. With over 20 years in retail and finance, Ognjen leads payment innovations at IKEA, working closely with PSPs, banks, and exploring diverse payment methods, and ensuring superior payment experiences both in-store and online.

Filomena Pljakovska Asprovska, CEO and President of the Management Board at CaSys With a profound track record in the financial services and IT sectors, Filomena has pioneered CaSys to be a beacon of e-commerce innovation in North Macedonia. Her leadership excels in not only advancing technology but also championing gender equality and sustainable corporate practices.

Miloš Polovina, the current CEO at TransferNova who will moderate this Fireside chat, will help us dive deep into current trends and future outlooks in the payment landscape. Miloš has carved a remarkable path in the banking and financial sector over the last 20 years. Starting his journey at Raiffeisen Bank and moving through significant roles at UniCredit Bank, Telenor Bank/Mobi Bank and Led Pay, Miloš has demonstrated profound expertise in Product Development, CRM, and digital banking innovations