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Seize the moment to elevate your brand with Finticipate Forum 2024 and aim publishing house!

We’ve partnered with the esteemed publishing house, aim, renowned for CorD and The Region magazines, to bring you an unparalleled opportunity!

We’re delighted to announce a media partnership with the publishing house aim as it prepares a themed annual special edition titled Financial Sector 2024.

This project provides an overview of the main features of the financial market, both in the banking and non-banking sectors, and examines major developments in domestic and international environments, as well as expected outcomes in 2024.

The edition includes an interview with Jorgovanka Tabaković, Governor of the National Bank of Serbia, representatives of Serbian banks, leading stock market experts, and the views of key players in the financial market.

Key topics:

  • Innovations in the banking and non-banking sectors
  • E-banking and cybersecurity
  • Personalised services tailored to different clients
  • The insurance sector
  • The financial leasing market
  • The role of AI in various segments of the financial market
  • The effects of inflation
  • Challenges facing Serbia’s financial system for stable economic growth

This exclusive edition will be delivered directly to business leaders as a special supplement to CorD magazine, in English, both digitally and in print.

It will also be distributed to participants of the Finticipate 2024 conference, which will be held at the Mona Plaza Hotel in Belgrade on 31 May.

The digital edition will be sent out as a newsletter to 20,000 addresses and will be specially promoted on CorD’s digital platform,, as well as on social media within the online business community.

If you’re interested in promoting your products and services through this exclusive edition, feel free to contact All participants of the Finticipate conference are provided with a 20% discount for the promotion of products and services in the issue.